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DJC Certified Public Accountants and Registered Auditors offer a wide range of services to satisfy as many clients which within the company can be also characterised as business partners.

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Our tax department aims to tax optimization within the client’s group of companies.

All audited financial statements are being reviewed by our tax director in order to be able and report on the compliance of the disclosures dictated in the Income tax Law and  file statutory form. Our firm’s expertise covers Cypriot Corporate tax, personal income tax, and vat.

Our tax department is able to assist Cypriot Companies involved in International tax planning to obtain tax ruling before starting business, evaluation of various tax scenarios outcome, advice on possible disposals of immovable properties or possible reorganization of the group companies.

Formation of Cyprus IBC

Cyprus maintains and enhances its competitiveness as a reputable international financial center and distinguishes itself from the infamous tax heavens.

Advantages of Cyprus IBC

Read further advantages for the formation of International Business Companies in the island of Cyprus.