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DJC Certified Public Accountants and Registered Auditors offer a wide range of services to satisfy as many clients which within the company can be also characterised as business partners.

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Audit and Assurance

The cornerstone of our audit system approach is the understanding of each audit engagement or each client’s business characteristics.

Having always in mind the uniqueness of each engagement and be flexible to carry out alternative audit procedures saving time from our client without jeopardizing the high quality standard of our audit work. Based on the complexity of the client’s transactions/activities, our firm selects and engages an experienced team to carry out the audit work timely and efficiently.

The audit work will at least be reviewed by two directors of our firm to secure quality and compliance with the International Auditing and Financial Reporting Standards. D.J.C.’s prime goal is year in year out becoming more flexible and efficient therefore from January 2011 our Company introduced paperless audit procedure saving money from archiving, investing in high caliber personnel and high tech information systems.

Results from the audit process will be discussed in person with the client at the final meeting and on ongoing basis.

Formation of Cyprus IBC

Cyprus maintains and enhances its competitiveness as a reputable international financial center and distinguishes itself from the infamous tax heavens.

Advantages of Cyprus IBC

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